Thursday, April 11, 2013


You would be forgiven for thinking that slavery was abolished a long time ago and it is now nothing but a distant albeit rather horrible memory. Discovering that such is very far from being the case may come as a surprise yet it is a fact; slavery in the form of bonded labour is very much alive and kicking and a lot more widespread than you might think. In order to gain insight into the problem, access the texts below, read and annotate the texts and watch the 28 minute documentary. When you have compiled your notes, write your essay essay. If this writing task is being done as class work, the documentary could be used as a warm up followed by the texts.

1.        Anti Slavery – Bonded Labour;  Link:
When you have read and annotated the article above, scrawl down to where it says other links and watch the 28 minute documentary on bonded labour directed by Pravin Mishra. Then click “Look at our programme for more information and read the short case study and annotate it.
2.       Bonded Labour – Anti Slavery Internat─▒onal ; read and annotate the text. Link:

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