Monday, April 8, 2013


In the modern world, we live in ever more crowded urban areas like sardines in a tin rubbing shoulders with hundreds of people on a regular basis yet we are more isolated than ever before. The anonymity of city life seems to lead to isolation and extreme loneliness to the extent that has never been seen before. Chronic loneliness is a debilitating problem that can bring great misery and even suicide. So how do we go about this ever growing problem? Before putting pen to paper, access, read and annotate the texts below; then listen to the video and make notes.
Reading material to annotate
1.                  “Why Loneliness Can Be Deadly?”
2.                  “Loneliness Kills, Study Shows”
3.                 “The Causes of Loneliness; what is yours? (It is suggested that you study the links on the left of the screen when you access the site and read the texts related to the topic)
4.                 “Loneliness, what it is and how to get rid of it”
5.                   “How To Handle Loneliness” By Wyatt Myers,
Videos to watch and make notes on
1. "How to overcome loneliness"
2. "Loneliness" by University of Chicago professor, John Caccioppo

As soon as you have completed your research, write a problem solution essay concerning the issue.

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