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Bullying, both verbal and physical, has been endemic in schools all over the world for a very long time leading to untold misery and even suicide. If you google "Bullying Victims Suicide", you will find the tragic stories of the those who succumed to the bullying and chose to end their lives. In the modern age where attitudes have changed, the current state of affairs can’t be allowed to continue. Both the authorities – including teachers and principals – and parents have a lot to do to reduce the suffering caused by bullying in schools. Before you get down to writing, it is suggested that you do some research. Access and read the following texts annotating the whole while.
Reading material to annotate:
1.       Bullying in Brief “”
2.      What Schools can Do” r (Click ‘more’ for more information)
3.       What Parents Can Do”
4.      “Bullying at School and Online” (The site is devoted to bullying and there is a lot to read so study the website carefully)

5.     “Bullying An Age-Old Problem That Needs New Solutions” By Shelly Hymel and Susan Swearer
6.  “Bullying Facts and Solutions: Upsetting Statistics and 4 Actions You Can Take” By Irene van der Zande

Videos to watch and make notes on:

  1. Nobody likes a bully. How to stop bullying in schools”
  2. “The most beautiful way to stop a bully”
  3. “You are you”
  4. “Just being me”
  5. If you google bullying at school and click videos, you will find many documentaries and videos on the topic. Select a few more to watch before you write
  6. Documentary to watch
  7. ·         “Web of hate”  
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