Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The way we report and access news has been changing in the modern world with ordinary citizens taking an active part in the process. Thanks to modern technology, the man on the street can now contribute his penny’s worth to mainstream news; a fact that many media channels recognize and encourage Yet what are the advantages and disadvantages of citizen journalism? Access the links below, read and annotate the texts and then listen to a few videos.
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1.       “What is Citizen Journalism?” By: Tony Rogers, journalism.about.com
2.       “What Advantages and Disadvantages do Citizen Journalists Pose for Mainstream Media?” laurenjohannaholbrook.blogspot.com
3.       “Citizen Journalism: Discussing the Growing Movement”  inrochester.org
4.       “The Pros and Cons of Citizen Journalism” emersonecom.wordpress.com
5.       “Citizen Journalism: A Primer on the Definition, Risks and Benefits and main debates in Media Communications Researchwww.theopennewsroom.com ( This is the most formal of the texts suggested)
6.       For Slides: www.slideshare.net ; here access “Citizen Journalism” to look at the photos uploaded by citizen journalists
7.       Last of all, google “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Citizen Journalism” click videos and watch a few.
Now, collect your notes together and write your advantages / disadvantages essay. Remember to include your own views too and do not copy paste!

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