Thursday, May 15, 2014


Mining disasters are some of the most horrendous of man-made disasters due to their scale and the anguish they cause. Yet they need never happen if proper protocol is observed. Many believe that lack of safety standards, work regulations and regular inspections to uncover irregularities make many mining disasters corporate murder. Do you agree? Do your research and write a long essay on the causes, effects and solutions of mining disasters.

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Familiarize yourself with the topic:
Causes and examples
·         “Mining disasters”
·         “Monongah mining disaster” 
·         “Mining incidents in the South African gold mines” 
·         “Accidents in coal mines”
Reading material to annotate
·         “274 dead in Turkey’s worst ever coal mine disaster”
·         “Common mining accidents”
·         “Disasters: environmental mining accidents”
·         “How does mining effect the environment”
Power point
Reading material to annotate
·         “What can be done to prevent mining accidents?”
·         “Preventing ignitions and explosions”
Videos and documentaries
You are welcome to supplement this list with videos of your choice
·          “Mine disasters: locating and rescue of trapped miners”
·         Westray  
·         “Historical disasters”
·         “Meeting again: remembering the Millfield mine disaster”

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