Thursday, May 29, 2014


Access the website the link to which is below and select a virtual tour. Follow the directions to drag and click and get a panoramic view of the place. Then imagine you have been asked to write a text to go with the video. This activity will provide practice with the present tenses, prepositions of place, adjective clauses and connectors as well as enabling you to enjoy yourself while writing.

Procedure; First Alternative:
1. Go to the site and view the virtual tour of a the country of your choice
2. As you do so, make notes on the adjectives you can use to describe the place as well as your feelings and impressions.
3. When the tour is completed, use the notes you made to write

Procedure; Second alternative:
1. Follow the procedure above but repeat it for a second place as well.
2. Then select the one most suited to your family and justify your choice. To do so, you will need to use comparison contrast, argumentative and cause and effect structures

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