Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The sad story of how Scotland lost its independence is worth remembering these days as the Scots are heading for a referendum on whether to establish an independent country or stay in the United Kingdom. Do your research and make notes. Then use your notes, the correct past tenses and narrative structures to write a short account of the process. Imagine you are a journalist and have been asked to do a small piece for the Sunday supplement. The material included is of varying levels of difficulty; read and make notes on two or three according to your level. The purpose of this activity is to introduce you to the concept of reading and listening into writing early on. While working on the task, you will have the opportunity to revise the past tenses and narrative structures, practice your reading and annotating skills as well as watch and listen to an original video as listening practice.
Reading material to make notes on
·         “The sorry story of how Scotland lost its 17th century empire”
·         “Why did Scotland and England unite?”
·         “Founding of the Darien colony”
·         “How Scotland joined Great Britain” This post comes with a video and the tape script

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