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The following exercise has been designed to help you grasp the basics of essay organization. In each case, the introduction and the conclusion will be provided along with notes for the development. Read the introduction carefully and make sure you understand the reason for the organization of the essay. Then write the development in accordance with the suggestions provided. You may need to do research to expand on the points. A word of warning: this not the only way of organizing this essay but it is one that works.

The adornment of primarily the face but also the rest of the body with paint of one sort or another is, contrary to opinion, a very old tradition. While indigenous tribes will resort to natural products available in nature for the purpose, 16th and 17th century Europeans used lead based paints on their faces, which were highly toxic. Body paint or facial paint is still very widely used in many areas of public life sometimes for ceremonial purposes, sometimes during war, but sometimes for health and beauty.

First developmental paragraph: ceremonial purposes
·         Religious ceremonies: Eastern religions, African and Aboriginal religions, Indian rituals and by shamans
·         In coming of age and sports ceremonies in Africa, East Asia and among indigenous peoples
·         The theater, the movie industry and regularly on television
Second developmental paragraph: during war
·         By indigenous tribes all over the globe to elicit fear ( Indians, South American Indians, The Maori, The Zulu and the like)
·         By commandos for camouflage
Third developmental paragraph: health and beauty
·         To delay aging ( a lot of modern day creams)
·         To enhance beauty in accordance with the norms of society and conceal blemishes ( specific types of makeup were the custom in different societies during different periods; Black eyeliner in ancient Egypt and the Middle East, moles or patches in 18th century Europe, the makeup of geishas and the like)
·         For health reasons (creams, foundations and the like)

In conclusion, as can be seen it would be very simplistic to label all body and facial paint as women’s business and completely frivolous. Facial adornment has had, and still has, an important place in the social lives of communities and being major components of rituals, help bring society together as a more cohesive whole. As such, the use of cosmetics will continue in private and public life.

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