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The following exercise has been designed to help you grasp the basics of essay organization. In each case, the introduction and the conclusion will be provided along with notes for the development. Read the introduction carefully and make sure you understand the reason for the organization of the essay. Then write the development in accordance with the suggestions provided. You may need to do research to expand on the points. A word of warning: this not the only way of organizing this essay but it is one that works.

The family has always been considered the basic unit of societies and as such been protected and preserved. All traditions and religions have always upheld the family as sacred and divorce, the breaking of the bond connecting the spouses was considered a most definite no- no and frowned on. But as Heraclitus so aptly put it, there is nothing permanent except for change and this applies to divorce as well with the breaking up of the once hallowed institution becoming ever more common. There are various reasons for increasing divorce rates in the modern world.

First developmental paragraph: Changing conditions and perceptions
·         The increasing emphasis on the individual regardless of gender in the modern world
·         The growing awareness and concern for women’s rights
·         Access to higher education for women
·         Women participating actively in social and business life
·         Women gaining economic independence
Second developmental paragraph: Changing personal choices
·         The unwillingness to continue a bad marriage and condemn oneself to a life time of misery
·         The knowledge that each individual can stand on his/her own feet
·         The observation of successful single parent households

In conclusion, although it is true that divorce rates have increased in the modern world, this measure should still be considered a last resort after all other options have been exhausted. Naturally abusive relationships and similar impossible situations should not be allowed to continue but counseling should be widely available for couples going through a rocky patch to discourage them from taking the easy way out. In short, divorce is not evil or a sin but it should most definitely be a last resort.

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