Thursday, February 14, 2013


Science and Technology
1.       Better Than Human: Why Robots Will – And Must – Take Our Jobs
2.       Look Out - He’s Got a Phone!
3.       Revolutions Flashmobs and Brainchips
4.       Your E-Book is Reading You
5.       The Future Of Medicine: Squeezing Out The Doctor
6.       Bionic Brains and Beyond
7.       The Rise of Performance Enhancing Genes
8.       The Trust Molecule
9.       Selling You On Facebook
10.   Science Review 2011: The Year’s Biggest Stories
11.   You Can Increase Your Intelligence: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Cognitive Potential
12.   Can You Live Forever? Maybe Not But You Can Have Fun Trying
13. The Brains of the Animal Kingdom
14. Search Me: Online Reputation Management
15. Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking
16. Hard Wired for Giving
17. Searching for the brain's inner clock
18. Should heritable gene editing be used on humans?
29. The birth of half human, half animal chimeras
20. The minds of plants
21. We are multitudes; microchimerism: how pregnancy changes the mother's very DNA
22. Algorithmic Wilderness
1. The myth of 'I am bad at math'; multiple text reading into writing activity
1.       Why It’s Important To Integrate Honesty Into Your Brand (Text has been removed from the net)
2.       Welcome to the New Reputation Economy
3.       How Bosses Accidentally Make You Less Creative
4.       Collaboration Across Cultures
5.       Fifteen Ways To Avoid Overload and Work Smarter; Avoiding Death By To-Do List
6.       An Examination of 21st Century Skills (text two)
7.    Get Rid of the Performance Review
8.   The war on stupid people
9.   When economic growth doesn't make people happy
10. How money became the measure of everything
1.       Do Online Courses Spell The End for the Traditional University?
2.       What You Really Need To Know (Text One)
3.       Exams In South Korea
4.    Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results
5.    To lecture or not to lecture that is the question; multiple text reading into writing activity
6.    The deconstruction of the K12 teacher
7.    Frederick Douglass, defender of the liberal arts
8.    Educating an original thinker
9.    Educationism: the hidden bias we sometimes ignore
Human Interest
1.       How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us
2.       Was Childhood Ever Innocent?
3. Should Physician Pay Be Tied to Performance?
4. A guide to not retiring
5. Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us (first version)
6. Microaggressions matter
 7. Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us (second version)
8. Would a work free world be so bad?
9. Why the British tell better children's stories
11. Infanticide
12. If work dominated your every moment, would life be worth living?
13. How it became normal to ignore texts and emails
1.       The only thing historically that’s curbed inequality: catastrophe

1.       The War on Coal
2. China's Bad Earth
1.       A million First Dates
2.       Barrack Obama and The Empathy Deficit
3.       Stress and The City: Urban Decay
4.       Deadly Dreams: What Motivates School Shootings?
5.       What Psychopaths Teach Us About How To Succeed
6.       How To Take Feedback
7.       Pitfalls Of Perfectionism
8.       The Gossip Paradox
9.       Finding Flow
10.   The Art of Now: Six Steps To Living In The Moment
11.   Tempering Toddler Tantrums Now May Prevent Aggression Later
12.   Recreating The Ideal World
13.   Self Help: Forget Positive Thinking, Try Positive Action
14.   How To Be Creative
15.   The Psychology Of Morality: Time To Be Honest
16.   Confrontation Culture
17.   Weathering The Storm
18. The Criminal Mind
19. Big City Blues
20. The Future of Self Improvement Part I and II
21. Why we are sometimes kind without reason
22. The grisly all American appeal of serial killers
23. The dark side of emotional intelligence
24. Autism's hidden gifts
25. How friendships change in adulthood
26. People don't actually want equality
27. How anxiety warps our attention
28. The Case for Shyness
29. On being sane in insane places
30. Can I trust him? The psychology and philosophy of trust
31. The surprising benefits of a tough childhood
32. What if women were physically stronger than men?
33. Changing faces
34. Look at me: why attention seeking is the defining need of our time
1. Descartes was wrong: "A person is a person through other persons"
History and Politics
1.       The Strange Case of Karl and Adolph
2.       The Cruel and Ever More Unusual Punishment
3.       The Last Emperors
4.       Australia’s Strategy
5.   Machiavelli Was Right
6.   A Nation Built for Immigrants
7.  The Uncertain Future of Democracy
8. How Western society could collapse

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