Thursday, February 14, 2013


Science and Technology
1.       Neuroscience: Idle Minds
2.       When Scientists Choose Motherhood
3.       AIDS In The Third World
4. Brain Changing Games
5. The Science of Genius
6. Sitching on Creativity
7. The Social Genius of Animals
8. Descent of the Doldrums
9. The Brain of Buddha
tTime- Warping Temptations
1A New Map of How We Think, Top Brain / Bottom Brain
12. Print version, title: the engine of memory (Digital version, title: rebuilding memories what makes them stick)
13. Thinking about tomorrow
14. Embracing the robot
1.       Treating a Toxin To Learning
2.    In Defence of Lecturing
3. How strict is too strict?
1.       Sex and Advertising: Retail Therapy
2. The Rise of the New Groupthink
3  Of  the 1%, By the 1%, For the 1% 
4. How online shopping makes suckers of us all
1.       Wired for Weird
2.       Why We Lie
3.       The Sorriest Animal: Why Seek Forgiveness? Investigators explore how to use an apology effectively
4. Why we cheat
5. How to debunk falsehoods, tripple reading task
The Essence of Optimism 
5. Your Brain on Trial
6. Ready for Anything
8. Freeing up intelligence
9. Speak for yourself
10. Uniquely you (Name of digital copy: Embrace your inner eccentric)
11. Where's Dad? (Name of digital copy: How dads influence teens happiness)
12. What is creativity?
1. The ethics of E.T.
2. Self Evident
rHistory and Politics
1.       The Emerging Doctrine Of The United States
2.       Understanding The China Japan Island Conflict
3.       Reinterpreting the Crusades
4.       Nations and Their Past
5.       Crimes Of Reason
6.       The Good Soldier
7.       Is Greece European?
8.       Poland’s Strategy
9.       The State of The World: Germany’s Strategy
10.   France’s Strategy
11.   The Geopolitics of France: Maintaining It’s Influence In A Changing Europe
12.   Putin’s Evolving Strategy
13.   Russia’s Strategy
14.   Turkey’s Strategy
15.   How Luther Went Viral
16. Hellfire, Morality and Strategy
17.  Why elections are bad for democracy
1. Lead Poisoning: The Forgotten Scandal
2. Lessons from Easter Island
Art for Life's Sake

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