Thursday, February 14, 2013


Women’s Issues
1.       Single and Over 27:What the Chinese Government Calls Leftover Women
2.       War Against Girls
Science and Technology
1.       What Makes Us Intelligent?
2.       Will We Ever…Pass the Turing Test For Computers?
3.       Breathing Lessons
4.       Is Our Political View Really Encoded In our Genes?
5.       How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away?
6. Toddlers Becoming so Addicted to İPADS They require Therapy
7. Twitter and Facebook Addicts Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms
8. Student Addiction to Technology Similar to Drug Cravings, Study Finds
9. Inside London's new subterranean farm
10. Video games level up life skills
1.       Sporting Superstitions: Why Do We Have Them?
2.       The Psychology of Tetris
3.       How to Fight
4.       The Benefits of Blowing Your Top
5. How to Walk Away
6. Is Work Killing You? Five Ways to Lower Your Stress
7. Is it good to fail occasionaly?
8. The sinister reason why people fall in love
9. The secret to living a meaningful life 
10. How rich are you, really?
11. The everyday habits that reveal our personalities
12. The tricks to make yourself effortlessly charming
13. Why talking to yourself is the first sign of success
14. One of the greatest threats to our life spans is loneliness 
1.       The Value of Teachers
    There is one quality that builds trust and loyalty
2. How your workplace is killing you
Human Interest
1.       Japan and Blood Types: Does It Determine Personality?
2.       10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You
3.       The Origins of the Swastika
4. The Day the Music Died in Mali
5.  Spain's cursed village of witches
6. What walls mean from Hadrian to Trump
7. The desirability of story tellers

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