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“Joe Moran’s book Shrinking Violets is a sweeping history that doubles as a (quiet) defense of timidity”
By: Megan Garber
Level of difficulty: ***
·         The Science Of Shyness: Is Shyness Genetic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ2fLAITi8c
·         Shy people are awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sVBMy44srA
·         The Top 9 Reasons Why Being Shy Makes You Great| Psych2Go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvn5pl8p5-M
·         What Is The Difference Between Shyness And Social Anxiety? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uxg_MD0Pgk
1.       We understand from the first couple of paragraphs that the desire to avoid………………..is a stronger motivation than death or the danger of serious brain damage.
2.       Which of the sentences below best summarizes the paragraph beginning “Shyness”?
·         There are many forms of shyness in the world
·         Everyone has one form of shyness
·         Everybody tries to avoid shyness in some way
·         Shyness is a social and personal problem
·         Everyone can be influenced by shyness at any time
·         Shyness is a very mysterious phenomenon
3.       Look back at the first four paragraphs of the text. What subtitle would you give this section?
·         The Heimlich Maneuver and its implications
·         Shyness; a social problem
·         Shyness; an all round problem
·         Shyness; a common problem
4.       Study the examples in the paragraph beginning “But Shyness”. Their purpose is to prove that shyness does not prevent…
5.       Read the paragraph beginning “Shyness – at its core”. Contrary to common belief,….
6.       What erroneous parallel is often drawn in society concerning shyness?
7.       The reason for the above is the fact that society…
8.       Zimbardo attributes his prediction concerning the future of social relations to the dominance of….
9.       What feature of modern civilization is shyness an inevitable conclusion of ?
10.   Look back on Dalton’s views. The fact that shyness is non-existent in the animal kingdom but present in human societies should come as no surprise because the lifestyles of the two societies are very similar / the lifestyles of the two societies don’t overlap / the lifestyles of the two societies don’t require shyness / the lifestyles of the two societies are very different.
11.   Susie Scott blames shy people for breaching the social norms. The reason for her attitude is the popular belief that………….
12.   We understand from the statements by famous writers and thinkers that most view shyness as a complication / an obstacle / a blessing / a curse / a nuisance (Mark the one(s) that don’t/ doesn’t fit)
13.   Josiah Morse and Tom Wolfe are examples of people who proved that…..
14.   Zimbardo seems to have overlooked the fact that……………when he announced the imminent danger of “the new ice age”.
15.   The reason for the views of Zimbardo and those who condemn shyness may be the fact that…………………………..
16.   Read the last two paragraphs of the text. What is the take home point of the text?
·         Humans are social animals by instinct and by default setting
·         We should benefit from the increased opportunities in the modern world
·         People should be allowed to row on their own sometimes
·         Social life is like a rowing team with everyone working together
·         It takes all kinds; we should be tolerant of shy people
·         Team work is the way of the world; people should get used to it
Discuss the reasons for shyness, social attitudes to shyness and the reasons we should be more tolerant of differences
This interesting text addresses prevailing attitudes to shyness and why it need not be a death sentence. It focuses on some of the benefits and implications and aims to promote tolerance and understanding of those who are different.
1.       Embarrassment
2.       Everyone can be influenced by shyness at any time
3.       Shyness; an all round problem is the best because the subtitle needs to summarize the section
4.       Inventive thinking and creative genius
5.       Shyness can be a benefit as well as a curse
6.       Shyness is emotionally adjacent to shame
7.       Values self confidence and takes for granted that social skills are external evidence of one’s internal self regard
8.       Digital technology
9.       The fact that life is lived as a kind of never-ending performance
10.   The last one
11.   Social animals
12.   A blessing
13.   To be shy is also to be misunderstood
14.   We have so many more ways of talking and connecting and being social and being human
15.   The world’s social structures are generally more accommodating of the lusty and the loud (This is the minimum you need; learn to omit unnecessary information.)
16.   The 5th

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