Wednesday, February 8, 2017


“Your ambitions to improve your life do not need to be confined by your personality”
By: Christian Jarrett
Level of Difficulty:*
You will need to watch the video to be able to answer some of the questions.
·         Brian Little: Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality
1.       What qualities of an extrovert does Brian Little seem to have? Refer to the video and use your own words
2.       Why does the fact that he is an introvert come as surprise? Use your own words
3.       What proof does he offer of his introversion?
4.       What does “This” refer to in the phrase “This isn’t a peculiar quirk”? There are two answers; find both.
5.       What does “This” refer to in the phrase “This is an empowering finding”? Discovering…………………………….
6.       What is the key to happiness according to Brian Little?
7.       Read the paragraph that follows the title “How your projects affect you”.  What is the take home point from this paragraph? In order to be truly happy, you should……
·         Have an ambitious project and striving to achieve it
·         Having an unassuming project and striving to achieve it
·         Having a personal project and striving to achieve it
·         Having a realizable project and striving to achieve it
8.       What is the reason for the above?
9.       It is implied in the text that the more motivated you are to work on a project, …
10.   Why do people need consider their true traits and not just act different all the time?
11.   One way to deal with stalled projects is to:
·         Make the project more realistic
·         Determine an alternative project
·         Reduce the stress in your life and relax
·         Identify your source of unhappiness
12.   Which of the concluding statements below could be added on to the paragraph beginning “Another strategy…”?
·         In short, parallel projects could be a solution to the problem
·         In short eclectic thinking could be a solution to the problem
·         In short, pigeon-holing could be a solution to the problem
·         In short, the correct working environment could be a solution to the problem
13.   Read the last two paragraphs of the text. What overall conclusion can we draw from the text?
·         We have different sides to our personalities and they are all important
·         We are all free to choose our projects and follow them throughout our lives
·         Our third natures can enable us to have happy and fulfilling lives
·         The three forces that govern our lives also influence our choice of project
Use all you have learned to write a paragraph for the Sunday supplement of a national newspaper about how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life

Leading a happy and meaningful life is a common goal for humanity.  Dr. Brian Little shows us that it is within our capacity to achieve this goal so what could be better? The article covers an important issue but is simple and straightforward, which means it can be done quite early on. The video at the beginning must be watched to be able to follow the text.
1.       Possible answer: he can speak comfortably in public, make jokes and seems to enjoy all the stimulation he gets from his social environment
2.       Possible answer: he acts like an extrovert
3.       He states at the end of the talk that he is going to take refuge behind the locked door of a toilet cubicle
4.       Enacting what he calls a free trait OR behaving extroverted
5.       Discovering your core projects
6.       Choosing the right projects and approaching them in the right way
7.       The last one
8.       Because findings show that when someone is engaged in a personal project that makes them stressed and miserable, this is an even more powerful drag on their well-being than more obvious factors like poverty. (This answer is much better than the previous sentence, which is too general. One wants to ask why)
9.       The more likely the projects will be to be sustainable and joyful
10.   Because acting different can take a toll over time
11.   Make the project more realistic
12.   The second one
13.   The third one

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