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By: The Editorial Board
Published: The New York Times; December 7, 2013;
Level of difficulty: **
·         What is the attitude to maths in your part of the world?
·         Do you believe there are problems in the math syllabus? If so, what?
·         Do you think there are problems with methodology? If so, what?
·         How do you think maths can be made more attractive?
Beauty of mathematics


Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover

1.       Which sentence best summarizes the first paragraph?
2.       Why is the above of such concern?
3.       For what reasons do students grow to dislike maths?
4.       What does “That” refer to in the sentence “That’s because the American system of teaching these subjects is broken”.
5.       What does the phrase “Mathematical education has changed very little since the Sputnick era” mean? Use your own words.
6.       What kind of support helps students succeed at math and science?
7.       It is suggested in the text that ………………………………..should replace the longstanding pathways?
8.       What is the function of the paragraph beginning “Finding ways…”?
A more flexible carriculum
9.       What does “This” refer to in the phrase “This is not an endorsement of tracking”?
10.   What specific change in carriculum is recommended for what reason?
11.   What is the consequence of students not taking engineering or computer science cources in high school?
12.   What change in methodology is recommended?
Very early exposure to numbers
13.   Not being familiarized with numbers in early childhood makes some Americans………………….
Experience in the real world
14.   P-Tech and Raisebeck Aviation are examples of schools which………………………………………………
Watch the video at the beginning of the text and make a few notes. Then access all the links that emerge in the text and make more notes. When you are done, do a little research on how to popularize maths education and the changes that need to be made in teaching styles and material. When you have done so, write a problem solution essay on the issue.
In your introduction, outline the problem and explain why it has to be tackled. Use notes you made on the text.
In your development, elaborate on the three main areas of solutions suggested in the text and any others you can think of.
·         Providing additional instruction to science and math teachers
·         Offering students greater choice between theoretical and applied cources
·         Encouraging the use of technology and applied thinking instead of rote memorization
In your conclusion, discuss the effects  or make a restatement
This text has the advantage of being about a very common problem and therefore an issue students can identify with. Another plus point is that it is well-written text yet relatively simple text which lends itself to some real complrehension questions. When all is done and dusted, it ispossible to write a brilliant problem solution essay as well. I strongly recommend that the writing activity is done immediately as it is the ultimade reading activity and will help clinch everything.

  1. American students are bored by math, science and engineering.
  2. Because the need for workers in STEM is soaring. You need to see what “those” refers to.
  3. Many are being taught by teachers who have no particular experience in the subject; they are following outdated curriculums and textbooks.
  4. Students become convinced they are no good at math, that math and science are only for nerds and fall behind.
  5. Nothing has changed for years or words to that effect.
  6. Family encouragement and enrichment
  7. Real world problem solving
  8. It introduces the main body of the article: solutions to the problem and therefore, provides transition. It is a bridge paragraph.
  9. Students being offered a greater choice between applied skills and the more typical abstract cources
  10. Career and technical education; it would reduce drop out rates
  11. Most students say they have no interest in them
  12. The use of technology and applied thinking
  13.  Unfit for many newly created jobs
  14. Offer job oriented STEM education

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