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Many countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and in Africa are currently experiencing political turmoil of one sort or another. Uncertain times can have disastrous effects on the economy creating a domino effect that reaches far into the future. Your purpose while preparing to write this essay is to discover what these short term and long term economic effects are.
Suggested plan
In your introduction, discuss the destabilizing influence of crises briefly and give examples of countries currently experiencing political crisis. In your thesis statement, you should state that the focus of the essay is the economic impacts of political crisis.
In your first developmental paragraph, discuss the effects on exchange rates and the knock on effect a tumbling local currency has on local businesses and everyday life: potential bankruptcy, increasing debt, rising inflation and the like
In your second developmental paragraph, discuss the effects on foreign investment and what can be done to get the investors back.
In your third developmental paragraph, discuss the effects on tourism
In your conclusion, write a restatement
Reading material to annotate
1.       “Economy reels from recent turmoil”
3.       “Political turmoil leaves tourist industry in tatters”
4.       “Thai stocks, currency slide on political turmoil”
5.       “Turkish markets thrown into turmoil amid political crisis”
6.       “Thailand starting to lag behind its neighbours as crisis takes hold”
Videos to watch and make notes on
Research the topic on major news channels for videos

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