Monday, October 7, 2013


Bullying, in one form or another, has been around for a very long time. It involves taunting, snide remarks as well as physical harm to the victim. With the transfer of a large part of our social lives on to the internet, a new form of bullying has emerged: cyber bullying and it has proved to have devastating consequences including the suicide of the victims. Do your research and write an essay introducing cyber bullying and suggesting measures that can be taken to protect victims from it. Before you start, look at the posters in the following link to get a better idea:
Reading material to annotate
1.       “What is cyber bullying?”
2.       “What is cyber bullying and how does it work?”
3.       “Cyber bullying” (This link will give you information about this phenomenon as well as discussing the effects and the solutions)
4.       “Cyber bullying”
5.       First- in- Canada law allows N.S. cyber bullying victims to sue, seek protection
Videos to watch and make notes on
1.       “Cyber bullying Virus”

2.       Cyber bullying research center (There are various videos on cyber bullying on this website dealing with different aspects of the issue which you can watch)
3. "Amanda Todd's story: struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm"
Organization the first alternative: 
It is suggested that you introduce bullying in general in your introduction; you might write something like this: bullying in schools and in the neighbourhood is as old as the hills with girls resorting to verbal bullying and boys more frequently resorting to physical harm or threats and extortion. In the contemporary world, with the entry of the internet into all walks of life, bullying has also changed form. This new form of bullying is called cyber bullying.
In your development, it is suggested that you discuss every aspect of cyber bullying.
In your conclusion, it is suggested that you focus on solutions.
Organization the second alternative:
In your introduction, it is suggested that you define bullying and explain that you are going to classify the types of bullying.
In your development, it is suggested that you classify bullying according to the gender of the bully or the medium used.
In your conclusion, it is suggested that you focus on solutions

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