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The purpose of this essay task is to show you how fluid the lines between various ‘essay types’ are: you will be able to use classification structures, comparison contrast structures and write an argumentative essay as well. The reason is that not having a reason for comparison is not an option and what better reason than a personal preference? What better method of supporting your view than a comparison?
I.                    Introduction: Democracy has always been defined as the government of the people by the people, and an integral part of any democratic process is the elections during which the people vote freely for people to represent them in parliament and govern them in their stead. This is the principle but there are various different electoral systems which can be classified in different ways. Two of these systems are the absolute majority system, and the system of proportional representation; both are examples of ‘multiple winner models’ yet which is more appropriate for your home country is a matter of debate. Thesis statement here: state clearly which method you think is more appropriate for your home country and compare and contrast them in your development to justify your choice.
II.                  Development: In order to write your essay, you will need to research the merits and demerits of the two systems mentioned in the introduction. Once you have completed your reading, you will need to decide how to organize the development. Read and annotate the reading material suggested below:
1.       “Multiple Winner Models”
2.       “Proportional Representation”
3.       “Democracy Building: Elections Voting Systems”
4.       “Pros and Cons of Proportional Representation”
5.       “First Past the Post”
Suggested Plan for the Development: It is suggested that you compare the two systems in terms of "their effects on the electoral system" in the first paragraph of your development and in terms of "their effects on the outcome of the election" in the second paragraph of your development. In your first developmental paragraph, you could compare them interms of how representative and democratic each is and in your second developmental paragraph, you could compare them in terms of the kind of governments they produce. 
III.   Conclusion: Write a restatement

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