Thursday, January 17, 2013


The world has witnessed and continues to witness countless refugee crises the most recent being the Syrian refugees in The Middle East. This is not unfortunately the only one: Congolese civilians have recently had to cross over in to neighboring Rwanda; the Darfur crisis has gone on for years. What are the effects of such forced exoduses on the victims and on the host countries which sometimes grudgingly welcome them? How can the problem be addressed? Research the topic on, and and take notes on what you listen to. Once you have done this, do some reading and make some notes. When you are done, follow the plan below to write a four paragraph essay.

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In your introduction, discuss the causes of refugee crises such as civil wars, draught, famine or similar disasters for example. End your introduction with a thesis statement stating clearly that refugee crises affect both the host country and the refugees themselves as they are hugely disruptive.
In the first developmental paragraph, discuss the effects on the host country:
  • A strain on facilities and amenities
  • Friction with the local population
In the second developmental paragraph, discuss the effects on the refugees:
  • Physical problems ( inadequate accommodation, lack of basic necessities and creature comforts)
  • Psychological problems ( due to trauma that has been suffered and continuing problems with day to day living)
In your conclusion, explain that such situations should not be allowed to drag on and thus the international community needs to pull together to address the problems. Suggest the following:
  • Financial aid to enable charities and host countries to provide for the refugees.
  • Negotiations to provide political solutions to problems causing particular crise

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