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“Barriers of concrete and stone don’t just divide people, they define identities, writes Roger Luckhurst”
By: Roger Luckhurst
Level of difficulty: * This is more difficult than the average level one but easier than a level two reading task so don’t make it the first reading you do at this level.
·         Hadrian’s Wall
·         The Berlin Wall
·         How and why the great wall of China was built
1.       What common function does the Wall in the Game of Thrones and Hadrian’s Wall share?
·         To separate the Romans from the barbarians
·         To separate the south from the wildings and White Walkers
·         To separate the conquered and the unconquered
·         To separate the civilized from the primitive
2.       What is the underlying purpose of walls such as the ones described in the beginning of the text?
3.       What common purpose is shared by Trumps wall and The Great Wall of China?
4.       What proof can you offer to the above contention in the case of China?
5.       What kind of a light were barbarians, or those beyond the wall painted in? Mark the one that doesn’t fit.
·         In an uncomplimentary light
·         In a disparaging light
·         In a derogatory light
·         In a hurtful light
6.       The legend of the Anthropophagi  and later Gothic fiction served to justify the view that …
7.       Listen to this famous song The Wall by Pink Floyd: What message in Pink Floyd’s album The Wall best explained the symbolism of the Berlin Wall?
8.       Watch the following video: The reason for the emotions described in the video is the fact that ….
9.       Watch the following video concerning “space of flows”: . Despite the obvious advantages of the space of flows, walls are being built in numerous places in the modern world due to…
10.   The Israelis call the wall they are building “A Separation Barrier”. Why don’t they use the word “Wall” instead? Refer back to what you have read so far and use your own words.
11.   Take a look at the inside of Banksy’s “Walled Off Hotel” which faces the Isreali separation barrier How are walls used to launch non-violent protests? Tweak the text.
12.   Read the account of the various walls being built in the world. Their common purpose is to keep out…
13.   Read the account of the various films  based around walls. What can they best be compared to?
14.   In the modern world, walls serve / don’t serve a practical purpose. It is hoped that drama may be enough to address ….
Write an essay in which you describe the function of border walls or separation barriers and explain their advantages and disadvantages
With talk of a new border wall separating the US and Mexico, it might be a good idea to look back on border walls past and present to understand their true purpose and whether they have as many advantages as their architects seem to think they do. It might be interesting to discuss the issue in the current climate of protectionism and rising nationalism.
1.       The third (Four is stretching it; you would be reading too much into the passage)
2.       To help a culture to define itself by keeping what it is not at bay
3.       To mark the civilized world from the impure tribes beyond
4.       It was not much use as a physical barrier or defensive structure but operated more as a symbol that defined Chinese nationhood, which was premised for centuries on ethnic and cultural exclusion
5.       In a hurtful light
6.       Walls have always offered a way of dividing the human from the in human
7.       The Berlin Wall was a psychological emblem of alienation and self division
8.       The Berlin Wall had become a disastrous symbol of coercion and control of East Germany over its citizens.
9.       The anxieties produced by open borders
10.   Possible answer: the word “wall” has negative connotations
11.   Popular artists like Banksy have made a career out of stenciling art defiantly on walls
12.   Refugees
13.   To the wall in the Game of Thrones where the mythical power of White Walkers coming from beyond to bring pestilence and death
14.   Threats to dream purity

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