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“Fears of civilization-wide idleness are based too much on the downsides of being unemployed in a society premised on the concept of employment”
By: Ilana E. Strauss
Level of Difficulty: ***
·         The power of play
·         The power of play
·         The power of play
·         The decline of play
1.        Which of the subtitles below could best cover the first two paragraphs of the text?
·         Lack of work equals greater inequality
·         Lack of work equals complete purposelessness
·         Lack of work equals too much free time
·         Lack of work equals an unmitigated disaster
2.       Why is the above mentioned negative view not necessarily true?
3.       It is implied in the text that in the current world, people make time / don’t make time for hobbies or interests and they could if………………………………….
4.       What does “this attitude” in the phrase “perhaps as a result of this attitude” refer to?
5.       Go to the following site and study the 30 photos:
Now decide which ones would not promote socialization and communal activities preventing unemployment from being a problem.
6.       Gray says “Sometimes people retire from work but don’t know what to do”. Why this the case? There are two answers; find both.
7.       The Piraha are presented as an example of a society which is…………………….Why?
8.       It is implied in the text that depression and purposelessness in modern societies can be linked to………………………………………..(Think back on the text thus far and use your own words)
9.       We understand from the text that expecting children to put away childish things at some point is necessary/ unavoidable/ depressing/unnecessary/realistic/ unrealistic.
10.   It is implied in the text that being self- employed enabled people to…………………
11.   The three factors altered the above state of affairs are:…
12.   It is indicated in the text that all the changes in social life experienced after the industrial revolution were due to………………………………….
13.   The writer thinks the lifestyle of the 17th century aristocrats should be available to everyone. True or false?
14.   Read the paragraph beginning “It is unlikely that…” and decide whether the following statements are true or false.
·         Play is important in terms of entertainment
·         Play is important in terms of cognitive development
·         Play is important in terms of cooperation
·         Play is important in terms of socialization
·         Play makes people less self centered
·         Play makes people live closer together
15.   Why might formal schooling disappear all together in a work-free world?
16.   Why would people participate in public life more? Use your own words.
17.   Why would people be happier in a work free world?
Write an essay in which you discuss the benefits of increased leisure time.
WOULD A WORK-FREE WORLD BE SO BAD? Key and teachers’ notes
This is a very interesting text as it stresses the importance of play which is very important in a world where people can die of overwork.
1.       Lack of work equals an unmitigated disaster (It is the most general and covers everything)
2.       Because in the absence of work, a society designed with other ends in mind could yield strikingly different circumstances for the future of labor and leisure
3.       Don’t make; they didn’t have to work
4.       Viewing people who don’t work as leeches and parasites (Warning: you have to re-word the answer to fit the reference)
5.       30. Civita di Bagnoregio, 19. Pienza 16. The Langhe, Treiso
6.      They have lost the ability to create their own activities; training which starts in school eventually drills play out of many children who grow up to be…
  7.  Work free, They think of work as fun
8.       Possible answer: the emphasis on the concept of employment; the idea that work is the essence of life and similar answers
9.       Unnecessary
10.   Mix work and play in their daily activities
11.   Factory owners, clocks and religious leaders
12.   The physical separation of families (you need to reorganize the phrase to fit the grammar of the sentence)
13.   False
14.   All are true except for the last one
15.   Because the primary purpose of the educational system is to teach people to work
16.   Possible answer: they wouldn’t have to work to earn a living
17.   Because they would be less isolated from each other and having close relations is the number one predictor of happiness


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