Monday, February 29, 2016

TYPES OF WAR Guided classification essay

Unfortunately, most of history seems to be comprised of wars of one kind or another. Bloody conflict, during which people take up arms against their own species and try to annihilate them, is unfortunately our method of choice in resolving disputes. The reasons for war may be religious like in the case of The Crusades, political like in the case of the Turkish War of Independence or ethnic and religious like the Yugoslav Conflict. At first glance, it is quite possible to think that war is war and involves people blowing each other away to kingdom come but this is far from being the case: wars may be classified according to method, according to the nature of the participants and according to the form they take.
First developmental paragraph: according to method
·         War (Active conflict)
·         Cold war (Spies )
·         Cyber warfare
Second developmental paragraph: according to the nature of the participants
·         Civil war
·         War
Third developmental paragraph
·         Pitched battles (Armies facing each other on the battle field)
·         War by remote control (modern warfare using technology)

In conclusion, wars may take place in the battle field or on the World Wide Web; may divide a country into warring factions or may cause worldwide conflagration; may involve arms or computers but whatever the case, they cause death and destruction. It is hoped that mankind will discover less violent ways to resolve their disagreements but it is hard to be optimistic given their track record.

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