Monday, February 29, 2016


The world is a very diverse place: some areas are more hospitable, others are less so but human kind now lives everywhere with the exception of The Antarctic. The climate and geographical conditions of the places where people choose to live naturally impact their lifestyles, habits and ways of life. Mongolians, for example, live in a land with a very harsh climate where the going is tough; therefore, they are very hardy individuals. Europe is also a large and diverse continent with the extreme south bordering The Mediterranean, and the extreme north bordering the North Sea and reaching into the polar circle. The people who live in these two very different parts of Europe also vary greatly.
 First developmental paragraph: The Mediterranean people
·         Climate: temperate, pleasant , plenty of sunshine
People: Gregarious, easy-going, talkative, loud, friendly, emotional
·         Agriculture: wine, olives and the like
Varied cuisine, derive pleasure from eating/ drinking, socializing over a meal
·         Concluding statement
Second developmental paragraph: Northern European people
·         Climate: harsh, cold, long, dark winters, less sunshine, inhospitable
People: introverted, reserved, less social, more superstitious, persevering, sober, cool, independent and jealous of their liberties (Give reasons)
·         Concluding statement
To sum up, people living in different parts of the world have different temperaments and different life styles due to the type of life they have to lead. Those whose lives are tougher, like Northern Europeans, have had to learn to cope with all that nature throws at them, while those who live in more temperate zones, like The Mediterranean’s, have become more laid back and sociable. One thing that all people share, however, is the values that make us human like kindness and generosity; such values are shared by all of humanity regardless of country.

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