Thursday, October 9, 2014


The tragic downing of Malaysia’s MH17 is still being investigated by the Dutch who have also taken on the harrowing task of identifying the victims. What exactly happened during that doomed flight and why did it happen? Use the links below, in the order suggested to write a guided narrative. Before you do so, make sure to carefully study a sample narrative to remind yourself of the structures and tenses used in such writing:
“Gunther, Christine and Otto: a love story”
The following link will give you background information which you might want to use in your introduction:
“MH17 Malaysia plane crash in Ukraine: what we know”
The following link will give you the events that took place up to the moment of the crash in chronological order; you will need to join them together using the narrative structures you have learnt to form a coherent paragraph – your first developmental paragraph:
 “MH17 crash: Dutch investigators’ first findings”
 The following link will give you information about the possible Russian link; this information could go into your second developmental paragraph:
·         “MH17 disaster: Russians controlled BUK missile system”
Last of all; write a restatement as a conclusion.

Congratulations: you have now written an essay!

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