Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Current events have once more turned attention to chemical agents such as sarin, mustard gas, VX and the like as weapons of war. The world agreed in the 20th century that such weapons should be banned and many signed an agreement agreeing to do so. However, there are some who disagree claiming among other things that conventional weapons do just as much damage. Do your research and determine where you stand then write an argumentative essay on the topic. This time round, start with the videos so that you may get some background knowledge concerning these nerve agents.

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Videos to watch and make notes on
  1. “Deadliest Weapon: VX nevre gas”
  2. “Chemical Weapons in World War I”
  3. “Nerve Agent History WWII”
  4. “Chemical Warfare”

Reading material to read and make notes on

1.       “Why  is the use of chemical weapons taboo?”
2.       “The chemical weapons taboo is worth protecting” (A reminder: in order to read the whole article, you need to subscribe but it is free and just a formality.)

3.       “Chemical Weapons: Fact and Fiction” (This article will give you arguments in favor of using chemical weapons as well)

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