Tuesday, November 8, 2016


  1. Discuss something but talk about something
  2. Are not confronted with but do not confront
  3. Come face to face with something / face something / encounter something
  4. Make contact with someone but contact someone
  5. Have or gain access to something but access something
  6. Do harm to/ do damage to something / damage or harm something
  7. Has an impact on something but impact something
  8. This problem can be solved in a lot of ways / by psychologists / with the right equipment
  9. You respond to someone but you answer someone
  10. You have respect for someone but you respect someone
  11.  Something has an effect on something but plays or has a role in….
  12.  Confuse something with something else: I confused him with his twin/ but confuse someone  Her remarks confused the police
  13.  Have trouble with something but  Have trouble doing something
I am having trouble with my computer / I am having trouble understanding him
  1.  Study something but  work on something ( He studied the evidence / He is working on a project)
  2. Have an influence on something but  influence something (My teacher has had a great influence on me / My teacher has influenced my outlook on life)
  3.  Consider something  but think about something (I will consider what you said/ I will think about what you said)
  4. Depart from a place but leave a place
  5. You have a way of doing something or a way to do something BUT you have a method of doing something
  6. Benefits him / is beneficial to him
  7. Providing support for / supporting
  8. Escape from / flee
  9. You have discussions about something / you discuss something
  10. To be in search of something / BUT To search for something
  11. You have control over something / BUT You control something (You don’t seem to have any control over your children /Try and control your temper!)
  12. Something has an impact on something / BUT Something impacts something (The Russian embargo had a serious impact on tourism in Turkey / The Russian embargo impacted tourism)
  13. They lack confidence BUT There is a lack of confidence in him
  14. You have respect for something BUT you respect someone

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