Tuesday, March 22, 2016


“He watches your every move. She’s got you afraid to even breathe too close. Here’s how to get the upper hand over a boss who rules with an iron fist”
By: Rhea Wessel
Level of Difficulty: **
·         Autocratic leadership style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uB-GKyK7Hc
·         The authoritarian or autocratic leader http://study.com/academy/lesson/the-authoritarian-or-autocratic-leader.html
·         Dealing with an autocratic leader https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eANCjtGAIEE  
1.       The three bosses mentioned in the text are examples of leaders who believe…………………………………………………..is the best way to get a job done.
2.       Why do these three bosses act as they do? Two reasons
3.       An atmosphere of threats and intimidation creates ……………….. in the staff.
4.       The importance we attach to public perception means that we become…………
5.       If you stop worrying about public perception you can
·         Get results
·         Be concerned for looking good
·         Commit  to the job
·         Ask questions
·         Forget about the survival instinct
·         Follow the crowd
·         Look uncertain
6.       What surprising discovery does Anne tucker reveal in the text?
7.       The reason for the fear generated by some bosses is that
·         They don’t explain their motives clearly
·         They don’t try and clear up misconceptions
·         They let misunderstandings slide
·         All of the above
·         None of the above (Please specify)
8.       What is the best way to document problems with management style?
9.       We get the impression from the example of the European law firm that business suffered / work was slowed down/ HR was badly managed. Mark as many as necessary.
10.   Read the case of the hedge fund manager. Why didn’t the tactic the boss employ not work?
11.   Read the example of the woman in the aerospace industry. She dealt with her boss by………………….
Use the information you have gleaned from the videos you have watched and the text you have read to describe authoritarian leadership, discuss its negative impact and suggest solutions.
Authoritarianism is very common in some companies where managers believe cracking the whip is the only way to get results despite all the research. This straightforward business text should appeal to young people in the private sector.
1.       Spreading fear
2.       Because fear is the most primitive emotion we have; Because they are highly focused on achieving results and meeting targets
3.       angst about how they are perceived
4.       Susceptible to manipulation and tolerant of slights and injustices
5.       Commit to the job
6.       That many bosses don’t realize they are spreading angst
7.       All of the above
8.       Doing it at home in a notebook
9.       Two and three
10.   Because if people suss out that the leader is displeased with a certain person, then people will say what they think the leader wants them to say
11.   Laughing it off or reflecting the behavior back on the boss

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