Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In your introduction, discuss the following:
·         The importance of being able to express yourself with clarity in writing
·         Writing, a skill required in many walks of life
·         Examples: business, school and universities
·         Universities: institutions where the writing skill is specially necessary
·         Thesis statement: There are various things a student needs to do both before and after he writes an essay to benefit and achieve perfection
In your first developmental paragraph, discuss the following:
  • Topic sentence: The preparation that needs to be made before putting pen to paper is as important as the actual writing
  • Research to provide background and enable thinking in English: google for texts, videos
  • Notes on the above
  • Justification: prevents thinking in the native language, enables  acquisition of vocabulary, structures and collocations, valuable revision
  • Result: a very good essay, valuable learning experience
In your second developmental paragraph discuss the following:
  • Topic sentence: The process followed after the writing of the essay is also of vital importance
  • Correction: preferably with correction symbols
  • Justification: students focus on mistakes
  • Second draft: to enable learning of mistakes
  • Justification:  reinforces learning
  • A list of typical mistakes: a repository of errors to be consulted
  • Result: problems ironed out;” a stitch in time saves nine”
In your conclusion do the following:
Write a restatement along these lines: in short, writing is always the last stage in the learning process following input of one sort or another in the target language. It draws together all the information that has been gleaned, all the vocabulary and structures that have been learned and couples them with the students’ own opinions culminating in a beneficial learning experience.

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