Tuesday, April 25, 2017


“Under the right circumstances, choosing to spend time alone can be a huge psychological boon”
By: Brent Crane
Level of difficulty: **
·         Bob Kull on the Benefits of Solitude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGK4876kV4c
·         The Art of Alone: Intentional Solitude | Niqolas Ruud | TEDxWallaWallaUniversity
1.      Read the first two paragraphs of the text. Terzani’s experience in Iberaki is provided as an example to support the contention that  …
2.      What subtitle would you give the section you have just read: Silence / Avoiding anxiety/The embrace of seclusion / The stigma of solitude
3.      Read two more paragraphs. Both Merton and Fong feel that better insight can be gained if ………………………………………
4.      What subtitle would you give this section of the text: Solitude has its upsides / solitude and insight /Social settings are toxic/ Confronting the truth.
5.      Read the next paragraph. Moments of personal clarity or epiphanies cannot occur when you are actively engaged in your social life because they require…
6.      Read the two paragraphs detailing the views of Bowker. Which of the following sentences best summarizes his views? Bowker feels that…
·         Solitude is uncomfortable which is why modern society is hyper connected
·         Solitude is unfashionable because society is hyper connected
·         The benefits of solitude are ignored due to current trends
·         A distaste for solitude dominates our modern hyper connected society
7.      What subtitle would you give this section of the text: connectivity versus solitude/ the end of solitude / connectivity, connectivity, connectivity/support for solitude
8.      Read up to the paragraph detailing Kenneth Rubin’s views. We understand from Bowker’s criticism of his students that modern day people cannot manage without their phones / outside stimuli/ music/ running/ solitude.
9.      Why does Bowker believe that universities should “facilitate separating from the group”? Because in the modern world,….
10.  Learning to benefit from a solitary state has an important advantage: it prevents people…
11.  Watch the following video before continuing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRNzNFt6gzg One difference between solitude and hikikomori is the fact that the latter emphasizes….while solitude emphasizes…The second difference is that reintegration into society is / isn’t a problem in the case of hikikomori
12.  Hikikomori is also a form of solitude yet it is harmful because it is not restorative/ it doesn’t meet the preconditions of solitude / it doesn’t lift you out of problems / it is not necessary for a truly healthy mind.
13.  Read the last two paragraphs of the text. Which of the statements below are true and which are false according to this section:
·         Taking time out when one can is beneficial
·         The amount of solitude one needs varies
·         Terzani saw himself as a guru
Write an essay in which you discuss the importance of isolation in the modern world
As someone who relishes isolation, I found this text irresistible. Finally, there is a text that supports views I have held for a long time. This task has been prepared with these people in mind. I hope it will get those over connected people to rethink their attitude too.
1.      When pursued by choice solitude can prove therapeutic
2.      The embrace of seclusion
3.      People remove themselves from the social context of their lives
4.      Solitude and insight
5.      Inward focused solitude
6.      The third
7.      Connectivity versus solitude
8.      Outside stimuli
9.      People use others to fill out their identities rather than relying on something internal (something that comes from within)
10.  Feeling lonely when alone
11.  Suffering, rejuvenation, is
12.  It doesn’t meet the preconditions of solitude
13.  T, T, F

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