Friday, January 22, 2016


Do you trust that the water you drink is as safe to drink as your water board claims? Water either looks ‘clean’ and is therefore ‘clean’ or looks murky and is not; right? Wrong! Many of the worst toxins are colorless and odorless. The added bonus: they not only destroy the quality of life or life of one generation, but the next one as well so think again. What happened in Flint Michigan is a cautionary tale that could be happening where you are living too. Do your research and tell the story. Remember to also discuss the effects of the specific toxin at issue, implications for the future and who is to blame.

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Note to the student: you will find it necessary to use the past forms of modals, conditional structures, narrative structures while writing your essay. You will also have to think back to process descriptions  
Familiarize yourself with the issue:
·         22 Powerful photos show the devastating reality of Flint’s water
Find out about lead poisoning:
· Follow the arrows to read about the symptoms, effects and the treatment.
The tragedy of Flint: watch the video
·         Undrinkable the Flint water emergency
Reading material to make notes on
·         Who’s responsible for poisoning Flint’s water supply?
·         Flint’s high lead levels have doctors struggling for answers 
Videos to watch and make notes on
·         The effects of Flint’s lead poisoning disaster
·         Gov Snyder should be arrested

·         Lead poisoning causes violent crime

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