Friday, January 23, 2015


Burnout is a very common problem suffered by people ranging from caregivers to nurses and from those in the private sector to those in the military; in fact, by people in any given sector. As such, it needs to be understood and tackled properly both for the individual’s sake and for that of the business or the patients as it impacts the quality of work, success rates and profits. Do your research and write a comprehensive essay on burnout.

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Familiarize yourself with the issue:
·         “Burnout”
Videos to watch and make notes on:
·         “Burnout – causes, symptoms and solutions”
·         “Workplace satisfaction issues: problems and solutions”
·         “Burnout explained: avoid burnout with these 4 coaching steps”
Reading material to make notes on:
These sites contain information on what burnout is, its symptoms, causes and solutions so click to check them all out.
·         “Burnout solutions” 
·         “Library burnout: causes, symptoms, solutions” 

·         “Job burnout: how to spot it and take action”

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