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“From dining on spicy food to singing in the shower, seemingly innocuous behaviors may say a lot about your character”
By: Christian Jarett
Level of Difficulty: *

One thing any proficient reader needs to be able to do is interpret what he is reading while he reads. He needs to be able to draw conclusions, make predictions, analyze and go beyond the text. It is a mistake to assume every learner does this automatically; my experience as a teacher has been that they don’t – strange though it may seem – yet learn they must. This reading task has been especially designed as a gentle introduction to these reading skills. That is to say, the student will be required to interpret but the interpretations will be obvious.

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1.       Which paragraphs constitute the introduction? Read the section and answer the questions:
·         What is the significance of people’s personality?
·         People’s personality can be very revealing on a completely different level because…………………..
2.       Which paragraphs constitute the first section of the development? Read the section and  answer the questions:
·         Further research into personality came up with some comical/ surprising/amazing/ interesting results. Mark the one that doesn’t fit.
·         Which of the activities linked to extraverts seems more unexpected? Why?
·         Why do you think conscientious people avoid chewing a pencil?
·         Why do you think agreeable people were more likely to sing in the shower?
·         Which of the activities linked to open mindedness seems hardest to explain?
3.       Which paragraphs constitute the second section of the development? Read the section and answer the questions:
·         The study described so far is not conclusive for two reasons: firstly, it only covers…….and not………………; secondly,……………………………
·         Look at the findings from previous studies listed in the first paragraph of this section. Which personality - behavior correlate do you find hardest to explain in total?
·         Why do you think those with dark triad personality traits maintain unusually long eye contact?
4.       Read the conclusion of the text and answer the questions:
·         What possible future application of behavioral correlates could be useful?
·         What possible future application of behavioral correlates seems scary?
·         The last paragraph seems to make light of / explain clearly / poke fun at / make fun of all that has been mentioned in the text.
Draw on all you have learnt to compare and contrast the personalities of two people you know well. Remember to have a topic sentence such as the following:
·         My twin and I are very similar physically but we are completely different in terms of personality and typical activities
This is a reading task with a very special purpose: encouraging students to think as they read. Some students of mine have told me they either answer questions or think, not both. How they manage is beyond me but that they have to learn to multitask if you like is obvious. This text comes with a set of questions that addresses this need. Another advantage is that the text focuses on describing people; a topic that comes up very early in the year in any writing syllabus worth its salt. So two birds with one stone…
1.       The first two paragraphs /It tells them about the kind of lives they are likely to lead / It correlates with the kind of things they get up to on a mundane daily basis.
2.       (In this section, your answer needs to fit with the answer in the key meaning wise but you may not express it in the same way.) Begins: While it goes without saying…and ends: ….less likely to follow a sports team / Comical/ Getting a tan, it is a solitary activity, it involves lying around in the sun or a sun bed/ It indicates confusion, stress, not knowing what to do and the like. These are not personality traits associated with such people. / They didn’t have to be agreeable to anyone there; they could completely let go / Eating spicy food at breakfast
3.       Begins: This study is impressive…and ends …having their pleasure in mind / US, other cultures around the world; there remain many thousands of other daily behaviors to be looked at /  Open-mindedness and its behavior correlates / They are very confident and they wish to control, influence and manipulate.

4.       More targeted health campaigns and interventions / Devising a questionnaire that asks people about the activities they engage in without them realizing they are actually revealing their personality / Make light of

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