Thursday, April 14, 2016


      Social media has become the most powerful and predominant feature of people's daily lives.Especially in the last century, it has become an inseparable part of our lives.It has gained more and more popularity and now social media is being used by26 % of the world's population for diverse purposes.With the increasing number of people using social media, there has appeared a debate as to how social media can be used to change individuals' and society's features in a positive way.
         First of all, with the advent of social media people's lives have become much easier.The world  has become like a global village which people can participate in and benefit from. It has gradually (especially) affected the field of education since access to information has become quicker and easier.That has helped people to become more well-educated by adding new information to their pre-existing knowledge.Besides its advantages for education, it can also be used to create awareness ofworldwide events and to start an aid campaign for those who  suffer from civil wars or natural disasters and thosewho need economic support to rebuild their countries.  
       In addition to its benefits  for education and social support for worlwide events  it is mostly used by people to communicate with each other and stay connected.Social media  gives opportunities to people to interact with each other even if they are many miles apart.This strengthens their relationship although they live in different locations. It has also provided a virtual platform whereby youth can create groups and discuss various topics , which make it possible to create bigger knowledge store.For instance , in Jamaica, young people are informed about HIV via social media and they have become more careful about this dangerous disease.Thereby, social media offers lots of opportunities to create a better world and healthier society both physically and mentally.
      On the other hand, there seems to be a  minority that claim that social media plays a dangerous role in people's lives.They assert that it causes people to lose their vocabulary which equals to losing their potential to express themselves.Yet , in the real world, there are some people who cannot voice their opinions, or cannot feel relaxed when they are among people.However, social media can be used to realizeboth of these .According to some research, texting while driving is the big cause of death for teens because it distracts them. Yet, it is a preventable fact and people can overcome it easily.
           To conclude, social media has become more popular in today's world.It gives lots of opportunities to people such as staying connected, raising their level of education and having information about events from the other side of the world.Thus, it is a crucial advantage for people to create a healthier and better world.

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