Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Should guns be banned in the United States?

        Individual armament has become a huge problem in America compared to other developed countries. An overwhelming number of Americans believe that owning a gun is a necessity for safety, and so it is estimated that 283 million guns are in civilian hands. However, this situation brings many problems along with it:  9 children are killed every single day with guns by accident. Therefore, private of ownership these dangerous devices receive criticism and should be stopped.
      One of the main pretexts of people who assert that it is necessary to stock guns in the home is the principle of liberalism. According to them, America is a state that provides a free life for everyone, so one can get what s/he wants with her/his money. However, this rule is not always valid. If anyone becomes is in danger of harming others, it becomes necessary to restrict his/her actions. Since guns constitute a threat to people, the principle of liberalism cannot be defended in this context. Young ones can also access these dangerous tools easily, which can cause many disasters. They can use them and hurt others or themselves, and it is another problem which the mentality of unlimited freedom causes.
       Moreover, one argument that gun owners love to put forward is that guns ensure safety. However, according to research, the result is obvious; the more guns, the more deaths. Although China, for example, has 4 times more people than America –which means more conflict generally, they have 10 times fewer gun deaths because American citizens have 7 times more firearms. What keeps a society safe is a reliable and peaceful environment, so giving a gun to every person is not the solution to the problem. Guns only increase the danger in society, and can also give rise to dramatic consequences, if they fall into the wrong hands.
    To sum up, legalizing gun ownership is presented as a solution to violence in society. However, guns become the main reason for violence rather than being an answer. 90 people get killed every day in the United States due to guns, they only cause fear and weaken social ties. Therefore, it is necessary to impose strict gun control on society, because the real solution is providing welfare and equality.
Oğuzhan ŞEN

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