Thursday, December 3, 2015


Human beings are highly intelligent, sensitive and social creatures who thrive within a social circle. Their daily activities bring them into contact with a wide variety of people first and foremost of whom are family members. It is true that blood is thicker than water and family is important but there is another group of people who are just as close, if not closer: friends. For most people, their friends are often closer and more important to them than certain family members and rightly so. It is generally agreed that a good friend needs to both have the correct attitude and a certain world view.

The way friends approach each other and the way they react to events and each other are important in strengthening and preserving the bonds of friendship. A good friend should be supportive when necessary, standing by his friend and just being there for him; yet he also has to be ready to bite the bullet and tell his friend the unpleasant truths he may prefer not hear. A good friend is not a yes man; he needs to be honest, frank and sincere and that can involve admonitions as well: if a person is making a fool of himself, he needs to be told and who better to do this than a friend. For all this to work absolute confidence in each other is essential. Without trust and good will, a friendship cannot endure.

Friends also need to share a common world view; in other words, they have to be on the same page concerning major issues. Conflict in areas like attitudes to human rights violations, aggression, charity work, respect for the law, work ethics, love of nature and the like can end a friendship. With a common world view come the activities which friends can take part in together further cementing the relationship: friends could go camping together enjoying the outdoors and nature, they can take part in projects like HABITAT and help build houses for the poor,  they can work together enjoying each other’s company and their work. In short, friends require common ground to be able to grow their relationship.

In conclusion, good friends are worth their weight in gold so they need to be kept close. They are hard to come by so once found, they should be loved and respected. Those who have the love and support of good friends need to realize how very lucky they are and not take their relationships for granted. 

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