Thursday, July 9, 2015


In the past, when a foreign power wanted to conquer a country they sent in the army; in the modern world, it is the media that needs to be controlled if one is to have complete power. This is because the media is the single most powerful force in the modern world and exerts an enormous influence on all areas of life from shopping habits to political opinion. The media can shape public opinion and set trends in the modern world as it has access to us 24/7.

When voting or expressing an opinion on any topic, most people will preface their remarks with a phrase like “I think”; however, is it really their own opinion that they are expressing or have their opinions been manipulated? With the reach the media has in the modern world, can anyone honestly claim they have not been influenced at all? The media has now gone viral and bombards us with opinions by means of our computers and smart phones as well. The amount of brainwashing achieved by the media in the current world is phenomenal: the media can promote some politicians or public figures and ruin others; it can foster some points of view and bury others. If you think you are immune to all this persuasion, you need to think again.

The media also sets trends thus helping the advertising sector with which they work hand in glove. Thanks to the media, a new product can become a must-have for everyone in a matter of days; new fashions can spread like wild fire with everyone wanting to purchase the new type of blouse. The media doesn’t achieve all this by means of overt sales tactics but covertly by dressing presenters in a certain way, bombarding you with images, celebrities or people using a certain product. Eventually, you come away thinking that you simply must have whatever it is but you would have trouble explaining why. A good example would be smartphones: the queues outside Apple stores when ─░Phone 6 went on the market are a case in point. No one changes their phone because their old one has stopped working; they do so because of the innate urge to purchase the latest one. In short, if you imagine that you yourself decide what you want and don’t want, you are very much mistaken.

To sum up, the media is by far and large the greatest power in the modern world, which is why politicians, businessmen, celebrities and other public figures hate to get on the wrong side of the media. The public should also try and be more aware of the way the media works and be more objective. In short, the public should look before they leap.

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