Monday, June 22, 2015

A HIGH IQ Advatages and disadvantages essay

No one in society is the same although they may share certain features: everyone is born different physically and in terms of personality. They have different talents and different proclivities; some are artists, some excel in music, others have more manual dexterity and yet others are good public speakers; the list is endless. One area where there is a marked difference between individuals is IQ levels: while some are geniuses others are idiots or anything in between. At first glance, a high IQ may seem like a blessing but nothing could be further than the truth; a high IQ has both advantages and disadvantages throughout life.

In childhood, a high IQ means the child develops certain cognitive skills much faster than his peers: he teaches himself how to read and write, is a wiz at math and seems to be able to do puzzles faster than other children his own age. In short, many intellectual skills require minimum effort. He is, therefore, easy to teach but this doesn’t mean life is plain sailing for such kids: he has to wait for classmates to catch up with him. Tasks that come easily to him are like pulling teeth for others. Boredom sets in and this can trigger all manner of problems: there could be discipline problems and general unruliness for instance. The solution could be moving the child up into the next class where he would be on an equal footing as his classmates. This would solve the issue of boredom as the child would be on an equal footing with his classmates intellectually. However, it would create new problems as the child’s emotional development will not be on a par with his IQ. Psychological problems and loneliness resulting from this situation makes one wonder if, in fact, it is not better to be just normal.

A high IQ becomes less of a problem in adulthood as it enables the individual to get ahead in his career and to become an expert at his job. Dr. Steven Hawking is a genius, who despite crippling disabilities has excelled in his chosen field. Reaching such heights guarantees a high salary and the life style to go with it. In short the future is rosy that is assuming all is well on the emotional front. A high IQ doesn’t mean the person has a high EQ as well and is the latter that is more important in social relations. Any psychological problems which have not been properly dealt with in childhood may continue to hamper social relationships. Spencer, in the television series Criminal Minds is just such a genius: he is socially inept yet has a very high IQ.

Any feature that deviates from the norm requires special attention and this is true for a high IQ as well. A high IQ is definitely a mixed blessing but the impact of the disadvantages can be reduced with proper care and attention by parents and teachers. Thus these individuals can be raised to become happy, well adjusted and productive members of society.

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