Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Every adult in society needs to be able to make a living to maintain a certain standard of living and enjoy a certain quality of life. In the past, it was the duty of men to work outside the home and put food on the table; women were expected to tend the house and take care of the children. Things are changing in the modern world however and more and more women are entering the business world at all levels and this trend will continue. The times are changing and so are people; in the modern world, women can certainly be the equals of men in the business world.

Women started entering the work force in large numbers after they were allowed to receive a university education and during the Second World War. The former allowed women to gain the qualifications necessary to become lawyers, doctors and the like. The latter made it absolutely essential for women to man the factories and make sure that industry didn’t suffer. These women proved that the social role of caregiver and homemaker that had been assigned to them by society didn’t mean they were incapable of doing anything else. The UK economy would have collapsed if it hadn’t been for women. All women need is for men to give them a chance and give up on the macho culture that claims women’s place is in the home.

The idea that it is women’s duty to do housework and take care of the children is completely unfounded. Nowadays, there are machines to do everything in the house and children go to kindergarten; what is the woman to do all day? Women have the same mental abilities and cognitive skills as men, they are well educated and often better students and they wish to and can become useful members of society and give something back. The only thing standing in their way is men’s feelings of insecurity and their threatened egos. In the modern world, all things being equal it should be aptitude that determines who gets ahead in the business world not gender. The latter is an outdated view that dates back to the middle ages when women were considered to be mentally incapable of doing the kind of work men do.

In short, men should open their eyes and see the changes that are taking place; they should stand aside and let women join them in the boardrooms where they can work shoulder to shoulder for the good of the country. Doing so will not make them lesser human beings.

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