Saturday, December 6, 2014


By: Gamze Karabacak
Racism, which has negative effects on society, can take many forms such as jokes or comments that cause offense or hurt, undermining, discrimination and racial profiling. Racism has a significant impact on the individuals who experience it often altering the course of their lives. Racism causes   psychological stress and isolation in society.
Firstly, one of the negative effects of racism is psychological stress, which can affect the family, health, well-being and work. When a person is exposed to racism and discrimination, s/he might suffer psychologically. For example, in Ferguson, blacks are more likely to report that police often stop people for no reason. Besides, people who are a different race from others might have difficulty finding a job. Again in Ferguson, a majority of Ferguson’s people are black but unfortunately only a tiny portion of its police are black. This situation indicates that racism and discrimination can negatively affect business opportunities.
Another major effect of racism is isolation. Racism can prevent members of a community from feeling equal and valued members of society so people who are a different race, color or ethnicity might feel rejected. For example, the community might isolate Americans from African-Americans, who are black, due to racism and racial discrimination. Plus, isolation might result in psychological problems such as depression, a desire to commit suicide and social exclusion. The latter may create backlash as frustrations give way to reactions.
To sum up, racism is the ideology or practice through demonstrated power of perceiving the superiority of one group over others by reasons of race, color or ethnicity and it is a more serious problem in the world than one might think as the recent racial profiling in the criminal justice system in the US has shown. There are numerous effects of racism but the most important effects are psychological stress and isolation, which can spill over into reaction.

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