Saturday, May 17, 2014


 Self Confidence in Women

 It is an indisputable fact that confidence has a major role to play in success in life. A growing body of studies also suggests that in most cases, confidence has a much greater effect than competence. However, because of a mixture of factors regarding nature and nurture, women seem to be less self-confident and it obviously holds them back. However, this is not their inevitable fate and the problem of low self-confidence can be solved through implementing correct attitudes.

  Firstly, the main obstacle to high self-confidence is that women seek perfection far more than men do, and it hinders them from taking action unless they believe everything is perfect. For example, a study concerning the behaviour of men and women as regards job applications demonstrated that women hardly ever apply for a job unless they have all the described qualities, while men apply for the same jobs even if they meet half of the expected qualifications, and thanks to the absence of rivals to compete with, they generally get the job. So, getting rid of the belief that they have to be perfectly ready to step forward in any issue in life will make a great change in women's lives.

  Secondly, thinking others are better than them, most women don't notice that it isn't actually as they perceive. However, if they think more rationally and give up underestimating themselves, there will be a significant difference in how they act, that is, they will not miss opportunities due to just a wrong evaluation of their own self worth. Consequently, women should wake up to their real value and strive to fulfil their potential. Only in this way can they be free from being in lower positions than they deserve.

  Thirdly, fear of failure is more common among women. They also blame themselves for failure much more than men do, that is, men tilt toward associating their failures with external factors, while women do just the opposite .Not insisting on this way of thinking has a great deal to do with increasing self confidence in woman. What's more, they should try to get a clearer picture of the situation rather than starting to feel incompetent, insufficient or guilty when they fail, thereby providing a healthier assessment of their own self.

  To sum up, women seem to have less self-confidence than men in life due to a collaboration of nature and nurture. However, by applying  the suggested solutions and trying to find out what the underlying reasons of the problem are, they will overcome or at least minimise the problem.

                                                                                      SELİM ÖZTÜRK

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