Friday, April 18, 2014


            Today's society has evolved out of primitive societies. In primitive societies, an individual's survival depended on physical strength. However, as human societies evolved, they became more complex. Nowadays, the importance of being mentally strong far outweighs being physically strong for people in an ever-evolving society. What the mentally strong people do or how a person becomes mentally strong is important for success in today's society.
            Mentally strong individuals have features in common and due this, they do many similar things and act the same way in many conditions. Firstly, like everybody, these people experience bad conditions which stem from their mistakes or others mistreating them or their circumstances. However, they don't dwell on bad things, because they know that life is not fair. On the contrary, they focus on things which they can control and change. They don't allow repeat mistakes either by being open to change. Secondly, they take calculated risks. Although they have concerns regarding these risks, they remain cool to a certain extent. They don't expect immediate results from these risks, because they inch along and take sound steps. Even though other people succeed before them, they don't feel jealous. In contrast, they feel excitement about others' success. They don't resent others' success; they prefer sound steps to shortcuts and they proceed firmly and surely. Lastly, they don't especially want to be pleasers. They just try to be kind and fair. They want to determine the way they respond for themselves and they have this ability, so they want this for others too and they actually encourage others to be strong in this way.
            Nobody is completely mentally weak and people can strengthen their mental abilities. There are some ways to achieve this and people should make these ways their regular habits. First of all, people must recognize their core beliefs and consider and modify the negative sides of their core beliefs. Secondly, people should replace negative thoughts with productive thoughts. If they waste their energy on negative thoughts or things which they can't control, their optimism will disappear. Therefore, they must focus on their productive thoughts. Thirdly, people should be concerned about their choices or acts. It is important that people allow themselves to practice tolerating discomfort to enjoy new opportunities. Therefore, people should challenge themselves to try new things. Lastly, people must allocate some time to think about their environment. Thus, people can detect their weaknesses.
            To sum up, today's busy world requires people to be mentally strong, because basic physical needs are naturally dealt with thanks to breakthroughs in medicine. Physical needs are seen as basic things because of this in today's society. Mentally strong individuals have certain approaches to some conditions and these approaches stem from not only heredity but also their personal choices and efforts, so getting mentally strong is possible by practicing some methods.

Elif Bahtiyar

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