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Eating is one of the pleasures of life and is not just satisfaction of a physical need. Dinner tables bring families, friends and even strangers together and help build bridges. Therefore, there are many rituals involved in eating, and different countries have their own cuisine. People often eat at home or at friends’ and relatives houses but sometimes, on special occasions, they go out to eat. Their destination is a restraunt. Restraunts vary according to quality, specialty and size.

Restraunts can be classified according to quality, which is often expressed with stars. A five star restraunt has the best possible chef – probably with a Michelin star – a well stocked kitchen and lots of staff. The service is faultless, the cutlery, glassware, crockery and linen are beautiful. The waiters are experienced and well dressed. There is one downside to this superb eating experience: the price. This kind of quality comes at a price, which the visitor must be prepared to pay. An example of a five star restraunt would be the Ritz in London.

Restraunts can be classified according to cuisine as well. Some restraunts have an international menu while others will only serve food from a particular area.  Italian restraunts serve pasta, risotto and pizzas while Chinese restraunts only serve Chinese food. Examples of such restraunts would be The Chinese restraunt in Etiler and the Italian restraunt in Taksim. Some restraunts on the other hand, only specialize in a certain kind of food and limit their menus to that. Examples to the latter would be vegetarian restraunts or sea food restraunts.  To sum up, all these restraunts are highly specialized and appeal to a smaller group of people.

Restraunts can also be categorized with respect to size. Some are huge, like Borsa in Beyoğlu, others only have a dozen or so tables like Zencefil. The size is not always an indication of price or quality. Some small restraunts serve wonderful food at reasonable prices but others don’t. Whereas some large restraunts opperate like canteens, others serve delicious food. For example, Konyalı at The Topkapı Museum is big but the quality is wonderful. Borsa, on the other hand, is an average restraunt.

In conclusion, eating out with friends and family is and always has been one of the pleasures of life. This trend will continue in the future. Due to the purpose of restraunts, there will be few changes in the experience.

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