Tuesday, January 7, 2014


A job is an indispensable asset in people’s lives. People have to work to provide their basic needs such as accommodation, food, clothes, education and so on.  Because of the need to provide for oneself and one’s family in society, many different jobs have emerged. Every person can work wherever he wants. However, these jobs are divided into 2 general categories which are the private sector and the public sector. Even though both sectors give people many good opportunities, there are two main differences between working in the private sector and the public sector, which are working conditions and the outputs of sectors.
The first difference is working conditions. In the public sector, people work 8 hours a day and generally they are off at the weekends. However, in the private sector, working hours are basically 8 hours but workers usually work 10 or 12 hours a day. It changes according to the company and type of job. For example, the tourism sector is the private sector. If people work in a five star hotel, they usually work 8 hours a day. However, if they work in a restaurant, they probably work 10 hours a day. Moreover, in contrast to workers who work in the public sector who do not work on official holidays, the private sector’s workers may work on official holidays. It is determined according to companies’ policies. Also, normally companies have to provide their workers’ needs such as security, food, compulsory insurance and transportation.  However, some private companies do not provide transportation services or any fee for it. Unlike these companies, in the public sector, almost all workers are picked up from their neighborhood to come to work. To sum up, working conditions are important in creating an effective work place. Companies should take care of their workers if they want to have quality output.
The second difference is the outputs of sectors. Many people try to have a job in the public sector because they think that if they are accepted, they can work there until they retire. Therefore, they do not have any anxiety about finding a new job. However, the public sector limits workers perspectives in their jobs. Many people in the public sector just concentrate on finishing the day and going home. Also, they do not think about innovation in their businesses. In contrast, in the private sector, workers have to follow innovations because competition is very widespread. They have to think of novelty, they have to act professionally and they always have to think about their competitors to get one step ahead in the competition and not to lose their job. Furthermore, in the public sector, workers are time servers because promotion depends on the working year, worker’s education and vacant posts awaiting to be filled. Also, in the public sector, workers who start to work have to work in different places if they do not get enough marks on the exam. However, in the private sector, workers are more ambitious than the public sector workers and wish to be promoted. Also, they can be transferred from one company to another with better working conditions such as a high salary, more quality customer profiles and an international working environment. Briefly, the public sector limits workers while the private sector gives them all the opportunities to raise companies’ profiles.
As a result, working is necessary not only to provide monetary needs but also to provide social needs. The choice of a work place differs from person to person according to needs, wants and expectations. However, differences between the public sector and the private sector should be taken into consideration when making an assessment. Regardless, people should not allow themselves to get into a rut.

Provided by: Şeyma Yetgil

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