Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Loneliness is a feeling that affects people, particularly teenagers, in a negative way. A person feels lonely when he is isolated from the society against his own will. Lonely people may have psychological problems related to loneliness; moreover, lonely people even think about committing suicide. Though loneliness is an important problem, fortunately there are some solutions to overcome this feeling. Such solutions include getting physiological help, taking part in social activities and being outgoing and accepting your own personality.

 The first solution is getting psychological help. Lonely people tend to feel depressed most of the time and that affects their lives in several ways. They may not concentrate on their work or they may not feel wanted and these make them even more lonely and depressed. Thus, getting psychological support can help them overcome this sad feeling, step up and feel good about themselves while talking to a professional who knows how to make them feel better. 

 The second solution is trying to be more outgoing and taking part in social activities. Social activities help a person meet new people and befriend them. If a person does not do anything and just sits in the corner, it is inevitable for him to be lonely. There are several social activities for everyone and overcoming loneliness requires socializing with people via these social activities.

 The third solution is accepting your own personality. If a person is not comfortable with himself and unhappy about it, everybody might be irritated by him. In other words, if a person does not like who he is, he cannot expect others to like him either; thus, he becomes lonely. A person should be comfortable in his own skin and accept his good qualities as well as his bad ones. When he is comfortable with himself, he can be happier and have more friends because everybody wants happy people around them.

 Consequently, loneliness is an unpleasant feeling that affects people in a bad way; however, people can defeat this feeling by feeling comfortable with themselves and getting professional help. Moreover, taking part in social activities may also help people feel happier and have more friends.

Provided by: Ekin Başar

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