Monday, December 16, 2013


            Online reputation management is one of the important connections between customers and brands. Companies should preserve their brands and dignity because negative perceptions and comments can damage their reputations in no time. Online reputation management is a solution for such problems and the way of reaching the customers. Therefore, online reputation management has been gaining more importance in the world. There are various measures both companies and individuals can take to improve a negative reputation.
            Companies can resort to many solutions in order to improve their standing. The first thing they need to make sure of is that the holding owns the assets on the first page since most people do not look beyond the first page as a rule. A business or brand should be looking to own the assets that are on the first page. For instance, Coca cola’s main site, partner sites and customer sites dominate this. Besides, the positive reviews that companies own on their sites start to show in the search engine results. When positive search results are found on a company’s prospects on Google, customers can trust it to perform their services.
            Individuals can also do a lot to help themselves by improving their online reputations. Firstly, joining big networking sites is an easy way to start building their reputations by sharing their good work and commenting on posts. Mainly, social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on can enable individuals to connect with both their peers and future customers. Moreover, individuals can ask customers for feedback; as a result, they can improve their standing with the assistance of customers’ views. They can start the monitoring process by searching on Google; thus, they can find information about them that they didn’t know existed.
           In conclusion, a company or an individual can amend his reputation by providing himself with new opportunities. Companies can develop their standing by owning the assets on the first page in the case of a search on Google and instigating positive information by searching for positive links. Besides, individuals can maintain their online reputations by joining big networking sites such as Twitter and asking customers for feedback.    
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