Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This essay was based on a plan made by Ibrahim Görkem Sazcı but has been written by the Oracle
Turkey is a fledgling democracy which dates back to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. During its  90 year existence,  it experienced many problems. Trying to modernize and rebuild the country after a lengthy war was not easy. Now, 90 years later, Turkey still has issues to deal with, some of which have already given early warning signs. Three of these issues which need to be addressed urgently if we are to avoid serious problems in the future concern demographics, mechanization and rubbish.
The natural trend in developed countries is for the birth rate to drop, the average life expectancy to increase resulting in an aging population. The same will be true for Turkey.  The mismatch described above will mean that there will not be sufficient working people to pay for the retirees, which will cause huge headaches. This is a problem currently experienced by Japan. Countries in this position have to spend on health services, care for the elderly and similar welfare projects, all of which put a dent in the budget. As a result, demographics is an issue that must be taken seriously
The current trend in mechanization will have gathered momentum in thirty year’s time with robots and machines providing most of our needs and this will have various cosequences. All boring routine work will be relegated to robots leaving humans free to enjoy activities they wish to deal with. There will be no unqualified or blue collar workers; instead there will be technicians. This might have one physical effect on the human form: we could lose muscle mass. Our Neanderthal grandfathers had more pectoral muscles which we no longer need or have. Who is to say future men will not undergo similar changes? In short, technological developments could have actual physical impacts on mankind
All that has been mentioned above means that our existing rubbish will have quadrupled in the next few decades, bringing with it the need for solutions. Ignoring the problem will be impossible as rubbish brings vermin, disease and unpleasant smells. Methods of using rubbish as a source of energy will be developed solving both this problem and the energy problem. Solutions generated thus are already being implemented in countries like Norway but they will become more widespread.

To sum up, problems never cease but so long as mankind is able to come up with innovative and creative solutions, it doesn’t really matter. Each problem is a new challenge the world will have to deal with together.

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