Thursday, November 28, 2013


Points extracted from the text of the same name out of “The Economist”;
Rubbish is an accumulation of wastes that are thrown away after use. Wherever people have been, they have left waste behind. They believed their rubbish had disappeared. The problem is that debris, flotsam, litter and other stuff are difficult to dispose of or recycle and they cause all types of pollution. Litter lines the world’s roads; dumps dot the landscape. Nobody knows how much rubbish the world generates or what it does with it. Ignorance spawns scares. However, it isn’t impossible to deal with this problem. There are various solutions that can be managed by the government and the private sector.
The government is responsible for environmental as well as the administration of the country. As rubbish is a threat to nature but there are things which can be done by the government. First of all, they should make people understand what waste is and what can still be used. They should oblige people to clean up after themselves. They should make laws concerning the cost of disposing of products. If people understand which items are hardest to get rid of, then they can choose goods that create less waste. Recycling is a good solution; however, when there is nowhere to collect stuff, it is useless to try and salvage things. Governments can encourage the marketing of the goods they want collected. As a result, there can be opportunities for the private sector.
Because of their capital and resources, the private sector is more independent and efficient than the government. When the latter organize appropriate conditions, companies can make investments in the disposal and recycling of rubbish. They can do research in to new methods of recycling. Or they can find other ways to use waste. There are ways of using rubbish to produce energy. Recently, scientists have started trying to use rubbish as fuel for cars and houses for instance. In addition, new technologies to turn rubbish into fertilizer are being developed all the time.
In conclusion, rubbish is a big problem of our time but it is being better managed than it was. The new technologies are becoming more affective and the pollution is being decreased thanks to the precautions. Awareness has emerged very late; however, there is still a chance to save the environment.
                                                                              GİZEM ŞEN / INT. Second term; round the middle.

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