Monday, November 4, 2013

Hi Feride,

I thought I'd let you know I worked with my class on the NGO
classification activity you created and am currently reading them. I
received some wonderful examples of well-written essays. Coaching them
through the specifics of these formula essays can be a slog, but the
activity was self explanatory and led them there anyway. One piece of
advice I'm going to carry through to future activities like this is
the gray area of plagiarism and copying. We've already worked on
paraphrasing and some summarizing, but in future I'll stress them more
to avoid direct copying. As they are going to the links, I think with
less experience or instruction, the natural inclination of some
students is to just take the information directly rather than work to
put it into their own words. All in all, it produced some really
quality essays!


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