Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello. I want to tell you about the online education system as a student. If you surfed this site, you already know about it. But I want to share the benefits of these programs with you.

   First of all, I'm taking "Introduction to Psychology" on coursera and I'm going to take "Successful Writing" on edx. I'm interested in psychology but there is a low-chance of taking  psychology at university because of my major(CMPE). Also, lecturers are aware of foreign students. They speak simple and comprehensible English. There are English subtitles for most videos. If you take a course on those web-sites, you will gain many advantages. Your English will get better. You're going to learn new words. You will be taking acourse for which you will get a real-certificate from real academics.For example, one of my lecturers is from Toronto University, the other is from Berkeley University. You can take a lecture from MIT, Harvard or wherever you want. This is a big opportunity for us.
   So,the online education system has many benefits. You shouldn't ignore them. Please check this web-site. For more information:
Wiki:Coursera (check 'see also' part of this)
A. Koksal


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