Thursday, November 28, 2013


There are some people who seem to have found one of the secrets to happiness and joy in life. They know what they will be doing next time they have a free afternoon or a day to themselves: it may be painting, learning to play a new song on their instrument, going rock-climbing or writing a short story that has been building up in them in all this time. There is a name for whatever it is that helps them to forget time and all problems and lose themselves in what they are doing: a hobby. The Collin’s Dictionary defines hobby as ‘an activity pursued in spare time for relaxation and pleasure’.  However, hobby is more than a means of relaxation and has more aspects to it.

To start with, a hobby is a means for self-improvement.  Thanks to your hobby, you can discover your skills and limits and be motivated to improve and push them further. The pleasure you get from spending time on your hobby  gives you the motivation to work harder and longer on the activity, it is totally internal. This creates the perfect environment for learning, the fact that you are not doing it for money or because someone who has authority over you has told you to do so; makes the learning more effective.  Another learning opportunity with a hobby is time management skills. One has to make the best use of one’s time to be able to create an opening for one’s hobby among all the responsibilities and all the things that need to get done in a day. It is obvious that, the person with a hobby will be able to use this time-management skill in all areas of life and achieve success at work and interpersonal relationships.

Another gift a person receives through his/her hobby is a richer social life.  Your hobby offers you a platform to meet other people who share the same interest and passion as you and creates a solid context for conversations and socializing. For example, if you grow an interest in photography and decide to take it seriously, you will probably join a club where you can make friends and form a friend circle around it. Every time you get together, you will have things to talk about or to do like discussing the techniques or going on field trips. Your hobby will offer you a stimulating social life.

Finally, one’s hobby can become a means for extra income in time. Obviously, at the initial stages, one has to spend money on courses, the necessary equipments, books etc but in time as you become skilled at it, you may encounter opportunities to earn money after a certain stage.  There are many examples to this from the university where I teach, the student clubs offer students opportunities to take up a hobby and become almost professionals in years. Many of our graduates have become professional dancers, actors or musicians and have built their careers around what started as a hobby rather than their undergraduate degrees.  Such people are very blessed to be earning their living by doing what they are passionate about, as that will guarantee happiness and success.

To sum up, having a hobby enriches a person’s life considerably by being a source of joy, a means to meet  people and build a larger social network.  This may be why the most interesting people we have ever met all had a hobby of one kind or another. If you also want to fit more into your life and achieve happiness, joy and success; try to discover what you are attracted to.  Take up a hobby and stay with it. It will be worth all the time, effort and money you put into it. It will pay back. You never know, you may become a different person.
Written by: Ebru M. Thanks for devoting time to the blog

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